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Metal Wall Sculpture ‘Random Order’

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‘Random Order’ Metal Wall Sculpture

Inspiration for ‘Random Order’

The inspiration for this work stemmed from my interest in combining elements of science, math and natural theology to produce art that is æsthetic and may stir our curiosity in the world around us. Elements of cellular automata, randomness and sacred geometry have been used in this artworks composition. These processes are considered to play some key roles in the natural world we see around us.

Design of ‘Random Order’

The brass hexagonal plane is sized on an underlying cellular grid, produced using basic sacred geometry. The presence or absence of a ring in a grid’s cell is determined by the use of a random number generator, as is the patina colour of the ring. Although they are all randomly placed, some rings are observed to form aggregate structures, reminiscent of simple multicellular organisms; some of the earliest forms of life exhibit this structural form. Order is thus born from randomness.

A small hole is to be found at the centre of the composition. It leads to another plane, another dimension. Laying beyond the material façade of this world, it is beyond our reach and vision. It reminds us that there is more to this world than meets the eye. The use of 24 karat gold leaf is used to indicate the purity and value of this hidden realm.

Making of ‘Random Order’

The solid brass sheet and copper/brass rings have been variously coloured using several traditional hand applied acid patina techniques.

Finished with a clear lacquer and mounted onto a plywood backer board. The artwork has two hanging points. It may be hung pointing vertical (as shown in the images) or can be hung pointing horizontal.

Not intended for hanging outdoors. Internal use only.

Approx.  495 x 570 x 35mm. 5kg. (19½ x 22½ x 1½”. 11 lb).


Buy direct price: NZ$1300 (circa US$915).

Approx shipping costs: NZ NI $30, NZ SI $60. (US,UK, EU nz$200/us$140).

Custom orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade Art.
100% “wow!”

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