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Metal Wall Sculpture ‘Paradise Lost’

Geometric art
Large modern metal wall art
Metal wall sculpture handmade using copper, steel, aluminium, gold leaf
Artwork made from patinated metal and gold leaf
Geometric wall sculpture

‘Paradise Lost’ Metal Wall Sculpture

Inspiration, Design & Making of ‘Paradise Lost’

Geometric metal wall art made from copper, stainless steel, aluminium, gold leaf and burnt wood frame.

At the heart of the composition resides the artworks starting point, a  1×1 square. Finished with 24 karat gold leaf to convey the perfection and purity that is here, Paradise.

First generations are made from brightly polished copper. They grow in neat, orderly lines and radiate directly from Paradise.

Second generations are made from copper with a beautiful blue copper patina. They are almost square and still possess order and refinement. These are somewhat removed from Paradise.

Latter generations are made from stainless steel that has been twisted, melted and chemically corroded to form black and bronze patinas. They begin to mutate into ever larger, coarser & less perfect forms. They drift-off, disorderly, into a new dimensional plane. They have lost contact with Paradise; Paradise is lost.

A wood frame which has been blackened by charring completes the artwork.
The frame and the patinated metals have been finished with a clear lacquer.

Size: 800 x 880mm.


Variations can be made to order. Custom orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade Art.
100% “wow!”

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