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Metal Wall Sculpture ‘The Harmonic Universe’

Metal art 'Harmonic Universe'
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‘The Harmonic Universe’  Metal Wall Sculpture

Inspiration For ‘The Harmonic Universe’

The title of this artwork is a reference to the works of Plato & Kepler who reasoned that the universe exhibits a harmonic structure. The use of floating geometric forms is reminiscent of some supremacist abstract paintings by Malevich & Lissitzky, et al.

Design of ‘The Harmonic Universe’

A geometric wall sculpture made from five metals; copper, brass, steel, gold leaf and aluminium.

Geometric forms of copper and brass with red, blue and bronze patinas are seen floating over the cosmic backdrop. Tensioned steel piano wires form a radiating pattern to the left of the composition, a nod to the harmonic nature of the universe. The size and positioning of each of these elements has been determined by the use of sacred geometry.

The overlying dark and heavy material universe (made from stainless steel with a black and bronze patina) floats over a light, silvery ghost-like realm residing at another dimension. Made from brushed aluminium, it is the 5th metal used in this sculpture. Is this the classical æther or quintessence, the fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all of nature?

Making of ‘The Harmonic Universe’

The wall sculpture is handmade from five different metals. These metals have been variously melted, abraded and patinated to produce a wide range of colours and surface textures.  Some of the geometric forms are attached at angles to the ‘canvas’, as if they are penetrating from one dimension into another.

It is surrounded by a frame handmade from folded and sculpted stainless steel.

Approx. 1000 x 700 mm.


Variations can be made to order. Custom orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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Ø No Paints.
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100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade Art.
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