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Copper Wall Sculpture ‘DNA’

Copper art DNA
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Blue patina on copper tubes

‘DNA’ Patinated Copper Wall Sculpture

Inspiration for ‘DNA’

The inspiration for this work stemmed from longstanding debates among the two conflicting camps; evolution vs intelligent design.
By challenging the concept or role of the Creator, is it possible to reconcile fundamental differences between these two parties? Can we have a ‘Designer’ that allows it’s creation to become a designer?

Design of ‘DNA’

In this artwork, the Creator/Designer is located at the centre and is represented, geometrically, as a circle. It can be seen to be spawning 3 segments, each inheriting and exhibiting attributes of their creator.
Elsewhere, other segments are entwining and recombining into unique new forms, reminiscent of single strands of DNA.
A vast array of new forms can be easily created using a very limited range of segments, similar to the vast array of lifeforms that can be produced based on the 4 DNA bases (A T G C).
Their positions and size are random and arbitrary (free will), but their construction follows a strict but very simple building ‘rule’.
Although the forms that can be produced are virtually infinite, they always retain the essence of their original circular form. Thus, their creation is guided by the invisible hand of their creator and are always created in it’s image.

Making of ‘DNA’

Copper tubes have been cut into a limited range of segments/arcs. Each edge has been carefully melted with an oxy-propane flame prior to mounting onto a flat copper sheet.

The entire copper artwork has been patinated with a blue and dark bronze acid patina and sealed with a clear lacquer.

Approx: 590 x 1000mm, 6kg. (23¼ x 39¼″, 13lb).


Buy direct price: NZ$2100 (circa US$1460).

Approx shipping costs: NZ NI $30, NZ SI $60. (US,UK, EU nz$200/us$140).

Custom orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade Art.
100% “wow!”

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