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Copper Wall Sculpture ‘New Zealand Bush’

Copper wall sculpture
Copper wall sculpture
Verdigris on copper
Copper art with burnished verdigris
green patina on copper wall sculpture

Copper Wall Sculpture ‘New Zealand Bush’

Inspiration & Design of ‘New Zealand Bush’

The work evokes memories of the colours and forms seen when hiking in the NZ bush and forests. The two side panels have patterns that are reminiscent of the commonly found tree ferns. The central panel has a bark-like texture made from tightly crumpled copper foil. Extending above and below, in a similar manner to the great kauri trees reaching skyward through the forest crown and deep into the earth.

Making of ‘New Zealand Bush’

Handmade from folded copper sheet and crumpled copper foil. The copper has been finished with a green copper patina with highlights of bronzed copper patina. The patinated copper has a clear lacquer finish.

Size: 285 x 1070mm.


Variations can be made to order. Custom orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade Art.
100% “wow!”

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