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Geometric Painting ‘Biomorphic Worlds’

Painting similar to Miro, Kandinsky & Klee.
Modern abstract art
Sacred geometry in complex life-forms
From a circle, an infinite number of forms can be painted
Math & science in modern art

‘Biomorphic Worlds’ Geometric Painting

Inspiration & Design of ‘Biomorphic Worlds’

Inspiration for this artwork stemmed from my interest in geometry, cosmology and the nature of God. Aristotle’s ‘Prime Mover’ was also instrumental in this artworks conception.
Starting with a simple circle, how can we generate a universe full of infinite forms by using only a very limited number of rules and variables? This was the Genesis of this artwork.

The underlying geometry is based on several thousand ‘kissing’ circles. I wanted these circles to be drawn to a very high level of accuracy so I resorted to using a CAD program that provided this precision. The resulting fractal-like pattern bears some resemblance to ‘Indra’s Pearls’ and the ‘Apollonian Gasket’.
The considerable amount of time involved in producing this unique geometrical set-out drawing will be utilised in the creation of a diverse range of future artworks I have planned.

This highly complex line drawing was then printed onto paper. By tracing around the network of circles, an infinite number of compound forms can be easily produced. Thus, from a simple pure circular form, we now have an infinity of complex forms. Each curve and form is related to, and predetermined by, every other curve. They are all created in the image of their creator, the first circle.

The traced compound forms were then transferred to the canvas, keeping their precise relative positions and orientations.

Description of ‘Biomorphic Worlds’

Planet-like forms appear to originate from the distant golden horizon. Each planet is inhabited by various biomorphic forms. As the worlds grow in size, so does the complexity of their inhabitants.

The use of strong, pure colours and the biomorphic forms is reminiscent of some works by Miro, Kandinsky & Klee.

Fine artist grade acrylic paints on wood board. Finished edges, no frame required.

Approx.  530 x 850 x 25mm (20¾ x 33½ x 1″).


Buy direct price: NZ$3300 (circa US$2360).

Approx shipping costs: NZ NI $60, NZ SI $120. (US,UK, EU nz$250/us$180).

Repaints and custom variation orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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