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Geometric Painting ‘Creatio ex Nihilo’

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‘Creatio ex Nihilo’ Geometric Painting

Inspiration & Design of ‘Creatio ex Nihilo’

The title and inspiration for this artwork came from the Latin phrase ‘creatio ex nihilo’ (creation out of nothing).

Whilst undertaking background research for this painting, I found it interesting to discover the similarities and parallels between many of the world’s religious creation stories and modern-day cosmology (big bang). The painting is open for your own personal interpretations. Or simply enjoy the dancing colours!

The entire work was set-out using only a pair of compasses and the Fibonacci number series. The ‘hard-edge’ painting was executed entirely free-hand. Masking tapes were not used as these aids can leave unsightly raised paint edges.

Description of ‘Creatio ex Nihilo’

To the left of the painting lies a black, formless zone. This is the Primordial Void, the state preceding the creation of the cosmos. Here time and matter do not exist.
Wisps of golden energy waves can be seen to float in this void in a random and chaotic manner. At the void’s boundary, these golden energy waves are seen to align into synchronicity.
Coming closer and resonating in unison, their energies build-up until a golden sinusoidal wave is ejected from the Primordial Void, shooting across the vastness of the canvas; the Cosmic Pulse, the moment of creation. Brilliant white light is created.

The Cosmic Pulse gives birth to a small enclosing circle at each cycle. Time is created.

As time progresses, space becomes filled with an infinite array of harmonic energies; represented here as new, larger circles, forming at an ever accelerating rate across the canvas. Consciousness is created.

These energies condense into multi-coloured forms and produce infinite patterns. Matter is created.

The sizes and positions of all circles are precisely determined and controlled by the frequency of the Cosmic Pulse. All of creation is thus intimately linked back to the Cosmic Pulse. The guiding hand of God.

Fine-art grade acrylic paints on wood board. Finished edges, no frame required.

Approx. 2400 x 400 x 18mm. (94 x 16 x ¾”).


Repaints and custom variations available. I recommend (to keep shipping cost low) that such a large work is painted on canvas, shipped as a roll for you to have stretched/framed. Or it can be produced as a triptych on board or stretched canvas that will pack and ship well.

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