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Geometric Painting ‘The Multiverse’

The Multiverse painting
Blue square modern art
Blue & gold abstract painting of space & constellations
Perfect square dissection or squaring the square was the inspiration for this complex and highly detailed painting
Math in modern art. The overall rationale of the painting was to convey the enormity of the Universe, its mathematical structure, and our interconnectedness back to the Creator

‘The Multiverse’ abstract geometric art

Inspiration and Design of ‘The Multiverse’

The initial inspiration for this complex and highly detailed work came from the mathematical problem known as ‘perfect square dissection’ or ‘squaring the square’. The solution to this math problem presents an interesting graphic that is exquisitely fine-tuned but also appears to be random and arbitrary.
The universe we experience appears to be fine-tuned to allow life to develop; sometimes referred to as the ‘just right Goldilocks universe’. There is much debate as to the possible explanations for this apparent fine-tuning among philosophers, cosmologists and theologians. Various multiverse hypotheses have been proposed by some cosmologists to explain this phenomena; essentially, we just happen to inhabit a universe, among countless others, that is fine-tuned for us to thrive.

The overall rationale of the painting was to convey the enormity of the Universe, its apparent mathematical structure, and our fundamental connection back to the source of our creation; even a multiverse does not eliminate the concept of a point of creation.
Theories encompassing fractal cosmology, the multiverse, brane cosmology, and the holographic universe were referenced during the conceptual drawings.

Description of ‘The Multiverse’

A large square has been divided into the ‘perfect square dissection’. Over this, squares of torn canvas have been laid-up in a random, overlapping pattern, hinting at the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe.
This canvas mosaic is painted with a free-flowing blend of indigo, ultramarine and iridescent blues that merge and fuse to provide a richly-coloured backdrop, evoking feelings of the infinity of space.

In each square region of space, a universe-like constellation is shown, trapped within a fine 2-dimensional net-like membrane. Above this floats a higher-dimensional plane; represented as a golden checkerboard. Contained within lay more net-like membranes and universes. Fractal-like in their nature, each universe contains a smaller universe, repeating ad infinitum. Each new universe has had recursive and rotational operations applied to ensure each is ‘fine-tuned’ and different.
Gold microwaves connect all of the universes back to the small gold square near the painting’s centre. This square is the unique 1×1 square in the ‘perfect square dissection’. It is the foundation point of the painting. The source of creation.

Fine artist grade acrylic paints on canvas squares bonded onto wood board. Finished edges, no frame required.

Approx. 800 x 800 x 18mm. (31½ x 31½ x ¾”).


Repaints and custom variations available.

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