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Geometric Painting ‘The Geometry of Nature’

Modern art using sacred geometry
Geometric painting
Sacred geometry used in abstract art
Fibonacci numbers in art
Fine art detailing shows reference to formalism, hard-edge, colour-field and De Stijl

‘The Geometry of Nature’ abstract geometric painting

Inspiration & Design of ‘Geometry of Nature’

The title and inspiration for this work came from my studies of sacred geometry and the Fibonacci number sequence. These geometries and numbers appear everywhere in nature; leaf patterns, seashells, pine cones, the proportions of animals, humans… It is often referred to as nature’s numbering system.
Plato succinctly surmised this concept; “God ever geometrises”.

The entire composition was set-out using sacred geometry and the Fibonacci number series.

The painting shows a sandy beach with waves on a blue sea. On the horizon stands a pyramid or mountain. The Sun is set within a blue sky that has bands of white clouds.
The Sun is represented as a mass of interconnected fine gold lines. It resembles E8, a multi-dimensional geometric structure that may provide physicists the framework to unify all the forces in nature; the elusive ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE).
In this painting, for life on Earth, the Sun is the ‘Treasure of Energy’.

The use of blocks of strong colours, combined with a precise geometric structure, is associated with works from the schools of Formalism, Hard-edge, Colour-field and De Stijl.

Is God a mathematician? Is the universe a harmonic creation? These are questions I wish to pose to the viewer. Or simply chill-out, grab a beer and dream that you’re on a beach in paradise!
The scene is reminiscent of the view of Rangitoto volcano from Auckland’s sandy eastern beaches.

Fine-art grade acrylic paints on wood board. Finished edges, no frame required.

Approx. 550 x 890 x 15mm. (21½ x 35 x ½”)


Buy direct price: NZ$3300 (circa US$2360).

Approx shipping costs: NZ NI $60, NZ SI $120. (US,UK, EU.  nz$250/us$180).

Repaints and custom variation orders welcomed. Email to place order or enquiries.

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