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Geometric Painting ‘Balancing The Mind With The Universe’

Painting balancing the mind with the universe
Modern Abstract Art
Free-flowing primary colours merge to create secondary colours
Painting with primary colours
Mental boxes, reminiscent of Mondrian’s paintings.

‘Balancing The Mind with the Universe’ abstract art

Inspiration & Design of ‘Balancing The Mind with the Universe’

Inspiration for this abstract art came from my musing on the source of our creativity and where we store our memories.

Compartmentalising our thoughts into clearly defined rigid mental boxes may result in a clear and tidy mind. But allow these same thoughts to free-flow and mingle can give birth to creative thinking; thinking outside the box!

So where do our memories reside? Science still has no definitive understanding if our memories reside in, or outside, our physical brain. According to Sheldrake, our memories could reside in energy fields surrounding and permeating the brain, the brain acting as a ‘decoder’ similar to a TV decoding radio signals.

Description of ‘Balancing The Mind with the Universe’

Two large oval forms appear to float over the cosmic backdrop.
The oval form on the left is strongly divided into two hemispheres, each containing primary coloured boxes. A rather dull auric field surrounds this form.

The oval form to the right is likewise filled with primary colours, but here they are allowed to flow freely into each other, creating a riot of new secondary and tertiary colours. The auric field around this oval is strong, bright and shiny.

A fine gold line passes through the right oval.
Another gold line meanders down the centre of the painting, heading towards the observer, you.

The auras, waves and woven canvas suggest the invisible energy fields that surround us and fill the universe.

Winner of Merit Award, Marlborough Arts Society, 2002.

Fine-art grade acrylic paint on strips of woven canvas bonded onto wood board. Finished edges, no frame required.

Approx. 700 x 430mm (27 x 17″).


Repaints and custom variations available.

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