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Abstract Geometric Paintings

Sacred geometry paintings

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♦ Introduction
♦ Selected Artworks
♦ How & Why I Create These Abstract Geometric Paintings

Acid Patina produce abstract geometric paintings that will provide you with a truly unique piece of artwork to install in your home or commercial premises. They are easy to hang and are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs.
I produce these geometrical abstract paintings either as a commissioned artwork, or as a speculative artwork. All are designed using sacred geometry and the Fibonacci number sequence. Highly detailed and precisely painted using high-quality fine-art acrylic paints, they provide me a nice change of pace from the copper patina décor projects and metal wall sculptures.
I accept commissions to make a custom painting that will fit your requirements. Shipping worldwide at competitive rates. Simply email your project details to discover the possibilities.

Selected Geometric Paintings

Modern art using sacred geometry

Abstract Art: ‘The Geometry of Nature’

The entire composition was set-out using sacred geometry and the Fibonacci series. View full details here [Painting ‘Geometry of Nature’].

♦ ♦ ♦

Painting similar to Miro, Kandinsky & Klee.

Geometric Painting: ‘Biomorphic Worlds’

The geometry of this painting is based on several thousand ‘kissing’ circles. Every curve is related to, and determined by, every other curve. View full details here [Painting ‘Biomorphic Worlds’].

♦ ♦ ♦

Large geometric painting

Geometric Painting: ‘Creatio Ex Nihilo’

The title came from the Latin creation out of nothing. The ‘hard-edge’ painting was executed entirely free-hand.
View full details here [Painting ‘Creatio Ex Nihilo’].

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The Multiverse painting

Mathematical Art: ‘The Multiverse’

This complex and highly detail painting is based on the math problem ‘squaring the square’.
View full details here [Painting ‘The Multiverse’].

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Contemporary abstract painting

Geometric Art: ‘Visions of the Inner Universe’

Award-winning painting. The underlying geometry based on sacred geometry and the Fibonacci number sequence.
View full details here [Painting ‘Visions’].

♦ ♦ ♦

Painting based on the golden section

Geometric Art: ‘Visions of the Inner Universe (2)’

A repaint of award-winning painting. The underlying geometry was entirely based on sacred geometry and Fibonacci numbers.
View full details here [Painting ‘Visions 2’].

♦ ♦ ♦

Painting balancing the mind with the universe

Abstract Art: ‘Balancing The Mind with the Universe’

Inspiration came from my musing on the source and nature of creativity.  Award winning painting.
View full details here [Painting ‘Balancing The Mind…’].

♦ ♦ ♦

Sacred geometry in contempoary fine art

Geometric Art: ‘Behind the Wall the Gods Play’

The title came from a quote by Le Corbusier.  “Behind the wall, the gods play, they play with numbers, of which the Universe is made up.” The painting was set-out using Fibonacci numbers and sacred geometry.
View full details here [Painting ‘Behind The Wall…’].

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How & Why I Create These Abstract Geometric Paintings

The Golden Ratio & Sacred Geometry

As a boy I loved spending hours drawing complex geometrical patterns with a set of compasses. I would then colour the drawing to produce wonderfully complex, psychedelic-like art to proudly show mum and teacher! I did not know it at the time, but I was using the basic rules of sacred geometry to create mandala-type pictures. Years later, I went on to study technical drawing, science and wood/metal shop, finally graduating with a Master of Science degree (MSc).
The last 15 or so years I have become fascinated by the role mathematics can play in æsthetic design. This led me to the study of the Golden Ratio, (AKA the Divine Proportion). The Golden Ratio proportions appear to occur at all scales in the universe, linking the quantum to the cosmic, and possibly beyond. Plato succinctly surmised this concept, “God ever geometrises”.
The Golden ratio is intimately linked with the Fibonacci number series and to sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is, fundamentally, the art of producing geometric forms using only a compass and straight-edge. It was used for millennia in the setting out of temples and other important buildings but over time it gradually became associated with esoteric knowledge. Most recently it has, unfortunately, become the domain of mysticism, numerology and other fringe cultures.
As a result of my studies, I like to use the Golden Ratio and sacred geometry (from the compass and straight-edge school!) to produce the structure and proportions in all my geometric paintings, metal wall sculptures and other artworks.

Fibonacci spiral in art

Fibonacci Spiral in Art

Art, TOE, Metaphysics & beyond

Studying the math and geometry behind æsthetic proportions, together with articles on quantum cosmology, classical metaphysics & natural theology, has provided me many of the inspirations for my abstract geometric paintings.
I see parallels between the current ideas and findings in quantum cosmology and the world’s ancient creation myths. We may be many years from discovering physics’ elusive ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE). Even many more years from a true TOE that includes consciousness. Perhaps one day, in the distant future, science and theology will be able to sit more comfortably at the same table …
Today, these subjects provide me with a rich pool to drink from.

Kandinsky, The Bauhaus & Others

In 2002 I submitted my 1st painting into an art competition. A judge commented that the artwork bared some resemblance to works by Kandinsky. At the time I did not know who Kandinsky was. Having now taken some time to study abstract art, and visit some of the world’s finest art galleries, I now fully appreciate the compliment that was somewhat lost on me!
Over the years I have grown to admire the works of Kandinsky, Klee, Mondrian, Miro, Lissitzky and Malevich.
The Bauhaus, De-Stijl, Colour Field, Hard Edge, Formalism, & Suprematism are art movements I frequently reference for inspiration.

  • Winner ‘New Artist; Painting’ Miarangi Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ
  • Winner ‘Merit Award; Painting’ Marlborough Arts Society, NZ

Diptych, Triptych & Polyptych

I usually paint on wood board, stretched canvas, or on canvas that is shipped rolled and ready for you to stretch and frame – or to hang loose like a tapestry hanging. Shipping as a rolled canvas allows very large artworks to be created and shipped at minimal cost. Alternatively, large walls can be effectively dressed with diptych (2 piece), triptych (3 piece) or polyptych (many piece) installations. The installation of a polyptych painting opens up the potential of the artwork fitting your space and creating a very unique installation. Full custom artwork installation set-outs are provided with a polyptych artwork to ensure the art installation remains in harmony with the design geometry of the painting. Simply send me details of the wall you want the art installation and I will present you with several harmonious set-out options.

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