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Copper patina colours

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♦ Introduction
♦ 16 Patina Samples
♦ About Patinas & How I Create Them

Acid Patina can produce a wide range of authentic patina colours on copper and brass metals. The methods and techniques used are the same as have been used for centuries to colour bronze statues and other valuable metal artifacts. Each patina shows subtle variations and will transform shiny metal into unique works of art.
The images below are samples of the 16 standard patina colours that are currently available for selection on bespoke patinated copper & brass décor products that include;

  • Entry doors
  • Feature walls
  • Bar fronts
  • Furniture
  • Cabinet doors
  • Pre-patinated sheet

Please note that every patina will exhibit subtle variations in colouration and patterning to the samples shown; similar to the variations found in timber, marble, and other natural materials.
The colours presented on this website are as accurate as I can reasonably achieve. I use a colour calibrated camera, scanner and monitor to ensure image data is accurate. Your browser and monitor settings, as well as the ambient lighting may affect the colours to some degree. For most cases, your device factory setting will produce colours that should be close to the true sample. If you feel you want to check your device, Google ‘monitor calibration’ for links to some very helpful sites. The Gamma test/setting is the most important and fairly easy to correct if needed.
Real patina samples can be mailed during the design stage.

♦ ♦ ♦

Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
Ø No Electroplating.

  Ø No Plastic Laminates or Films.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% “wow!”

♦ ♦ ♦

Selection of Patina Colours Available

To view a larger image, click on the image.
Each patina has a reference code, eg (F22C)
Please specify this when referring to a specific patina sample.

Bronze patina on copper
Black patina on brass
Green patina on copper
Multi-coloured patina on brass
Green & red patina on copper
Verdigris on copper
Blue patina on copper
Black brass patina
Bronze patina on copper
Brass with black & bronze patinas
Brass with a pink patina
Copper with a dark bronze patina
Brass with a dark bronze patina
Decorative aged copper patina
Flame red patina on copper
Black marbled patina on copper

About Patinas & How I Create Them

Natural Patinas & Acid Patinas

Basically, a patina on copper or brass is what rust is to steel and iron. I use solid copper and brass sheet almost exclusively for my patinated wall sculptures and décor products. Unlike other metals, copper and brass have the rare ability to produce a wide range of beautiful patina colours.

Natural patinas develop very slowly on copper and brass and can take many years to develop. Internally, these metals may slowly tarnish to a bronze/brown colour. Externally, red, black or a blue/green patina may develop. The final results are far from predictable and very often will be uneven and patchy.

Acid patina techniques have been developed by artisans over the centuries to control and accelerate the development of a patina. The careful application of selected chemicals can produce a wide range of patina colours in a few days or weeks with far greater control on the final appearance and uniformity. These patinas are developed from the corrosion of the base metal, in a very similar manner to how natural patinas form. They are not surface coatings, stains, dyes or other faux finishes!

Acids & Ammonia

The formulæ I have developed and use are based on a dozen or so chemicals; typically various acids and ammonia compounds mixed to form very dilute and weak solutions. These solutions are applied by various techniques until the desired patina depth and colours are developed. This may take up to 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer, especially if the weather is cold. Many of the texts on patination contain formulæ using highly toxic or poisonous chemicals. I do not use any such chemicals; my health is far more important to me than risking it for another patina colour.
I’m always testing, retesting and experimenting with different formulæ and application methods. The combinations that I have had good consistent results with are shown above. The fully developed patinas are left to rest, preferably a week or so, before several neutralising rinses. Once completely dry, a wax or clear coat lacquer is used to seal and protect the patina. The finished product is safe to handle.

Patinas Are Not Paints

Every patina exhibits subtle nuances in it’s colourations and patterns. While a fair degree of control can be exercised during the acid patina process, only God and nature determine the final result. Some patina solutions generally behave themselves and produce uniform, controllable and predictable results. Others choose to be more free-spirited and produce less predictable, but often very beautiful patinas. These formula characteristics are taken into account when selecting an acid patina for a custom-made project.
Additionally, being made of metal, light reflects quite differently off a patina than a paint film. It is these subtle differences that ensure each piece of acid patinated metal provides the foundation for a truly unique work of art.

Waxes & Lacquers

Products intended for use indoors can be finished with a clear coat lacquer or a wax finish. For custom projects, the finish will be discussed prior to quoting. Samples can be provided during the free consultations.
Products that are intended for use outdoors (eg entry doors) are best wax finished.
View more information on finishes and maintenance here [FAQ finishes].

♦ ♦ ♦

Ø No Paints
Ø No Faux Effects
Ø No Electroplating

Ø No Plastic Laminates Or Films
100% Real Copper & Brass Sheet
100% Authentic Patina
100% “wow!”

♦ ♦ ♦

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