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Bespoke Copper Patina Décor Products

Bespoke copper walls, doors, furniture, bars and kitchens

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♦ Introduction
♦ Feature Walls, Bar Fronts & Cabinet Doors
♦ Entrance Doors
♦ Furniture
♦ Patinated Metal Sheet

Acid Patina provides a custom-design & supply service for a range of hand-made patinated copper décor products.
The use of metals as a décor feature continues to grow in the high-end residential and commercial sectors. Of all the metals used in interior design, copper & brass are regarded as the premium materials. However, their bright and shiny appearance may not suit all projects.
Producing an authentic patina on these metals opens up their use to a much wider range of interior décor styles.
Specifying and using patinated copper & brass will provide you with a beautiful, unique feature in your home or for your next commercial project.

All products are custom handmade from copper and brass and finished with a range of authentic patinas. The current product range includes;

  • Feature Walls
  • Bar & Cabinet Fronts
  • Entrance Doors
  • Furniture

I offer a free design & quote service and work closely with you, your architect, designer & contractor to ensure the design, shipping and installation is a smooth and trouble-free experience for all parties. Simply email your project details to discover the possibilities.

♦ ♦ ♦

Ø No Paints.
Ø No Faux Effects.
100% Real Solid Copper & Brass Sheet.
100% Authentic Patina.
100% Unique, Handmade.
100% “wow!”

♦ ♦ ♦

Bespoke copper patina decor products

Feature Walls, Bar Fronts & Cabinet Doors

Transform a wall, bar front or kitchen cabinets into a unique art installation!
View more images and information here [Feature Walls, Bar Fronts & Cabinet Doors].

♦ ♦ ♦

Patinated copper doors

Patinated Copper Doors

Creating your ultimate entrance!
These architectural works of art will provide a unique & stunning entrance to your home, boardroom, office…
View more images and information here [Patinated Copper Doors].

♦ ♦ ♦

Custom designed metal furniture

Patinated Copper & Brass Furniture

New product line! In-house designs are currently limited to pedestal tables, but I can work closely with your designer to make a unique piece for your project. All pieces are handmade using brass or copper and finished in a range of authentic patinas.
View full details here [Patinated Furniture].

♦ ♦ ♦

Copper patina colours

Patinated Copper & Brass Sheet

Acid Patina can supply DIY enthusiasts or professional craftsmen with pre-patinated copper or brass sheet that is custom-made to your requirements. A wide range of options are available including;

  • From small order to several m²
  • Select from a range of patina colours
  • Thickness of metal from 0.5mm to 2mm
  • Choice of unfinished, waxed or clear-coat/lacquer
  • Option of cut-to-size
  • Option of pre-drilled
  • Option of pre-folded
  • Full ‘how-to-do’ and tech support provided.

View the full range of brass & copper patina colours available here [Patina samples].

View the ‘How to Order Custom Made’ page here [Custom-made].

Email your project details to find out the full range of options that are available.

Price guide: NZ$350 – $550/m² (circa US$240 -380/m², US$24 -38/sq foot). Excludes shipping, taxes.

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